Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Matisya-WHO ?

We would lay all kinds of odds that you have never heard of a rap and hip-hop performer named Matisyahu. 

But his story today lends itself to stunning realization that Jew-Hating, even under the softer sobriquet "anti-Semitism" is alive and well throughout the world... And not confined to the crazies in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and other night-soil-spots in the Middle East region around the Persian Gulf.

In beautiful Valencia, a jewel in Spain's coronet,  organizers of one of  Europe's most lavish music festivals  have dethroned  Mitisyahu from a premier spot on their program under the guise of  "Boycotting Israel".  Of course there is a multinational group that has pledged to help destroy the nation of Israel by ending any financial investment in any Israeli industry or corporation as well as boycotting all Israeli motion pictures, theater productions and even books.


It now appears that by depriving their audience of Matisyahu's talent, they are just finally showing the true nature of the alleged "principled" boycott of Israel for its "crime" of merely existing.

But it turns out that Matisyuma is not an Israeli. He is an American Jew, subject to acts of nasty hatred and violence only in Brooklyn, California and the District of Columbia. ! 

Certainly, citizens of an area that nurtured, learned from and then put to the torch-and-stake all of Sephardic Jewry  would know better or find an easier softer way. But they are  standing on any pro-Palestinian dais.

They're just Jew Haters and they have taken off their masks just like the German Nazis did after Kristallnacht, launching the Holocaust. 

We have long been absolutely sure that the seed of racial / religious hatred burst into the bitter boycott fruit.

Now this small but eloquent act by some numbskull Spaniards has provided us with the truth.

We don't expect any imminent collapse of the boycotting by the anti-Semitic base at all the universities and colleges in the United States, but at least their cover is "blown" and we now know they don't care about Gaza or the West Bank.

They just hate Jews, totally  or  one at a time.

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