Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Right Side of Gallantry

What do Armando Valadares and Curt Schilling have in common ?

One was a Cuban poet who spent 22 years if torture in the Castro Gulag.  The other
pitched poetry through a shrinking strike zone in the major leagues.

After cobbling a stellar career marked by indestructible durability in the face of pain, Schilling has usually been known for his outspokenness and his loathing  of anything smacking of "political correctness".

Thank God he will never change. But ESPN benched Schilling from the Little League World Series for telling the truth on the social media outlet, Twitter.

Schilling's tweeted opinion brought into focus some numbers that are hair-raising even to the most politically correct, wussie-whipped among us.

He allowed that it is possible that less than 10% of the German population were Nazis and pointed out that if we accept international Islam's estimation that only 7%  of them are "extremists" that is a "staggering" number. (Actually, 105 million !)

The Tweet was accompanied by a photo of Der Fuhrer, saluting.


ESPN in a near- apology for its suspension of Schilling, said his expressed opinion was not in any way compatible with ESPN or its "policies".

I say: So What ? It is Schilling's OPINION !

Back in 1960, Armando  Valladares was a post office bureaucrat in  Cuba's Fidel / Raoul Castro revolutionary government in Cuba when he spotted the communist infection and complexion of Che Guevarra's secret police and Castro's hard left turn into totalitarian ideology.

Valladardes was imprisoned without trial and suffered torture there for 22 years while his wife Marta, PEN International and AMNESTY  International labored  for his release.  Some of his poetry and human rights pleading was smuggled out during the "8000 days".

When Valladares was released in  1982, he settled with the Cubano community in Florida and was appointed Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights by President Ronald Reagan.

The Obama administration has treated Valladares the same way ESPN treats Schilling:

It is  worse than any communist totalitarian "party line ".... What you say is not true !(... but-if-it-IS-true-it's-not-important-because-I-don't-want-it-to-be-either-true-OR-important !!!"

The saddest thing is that the man who was once considered the most gallant and pain-proof  athlete in major league baseball APOLOGIZED...for  a "bad move."

Being right is not enough anymore when the rascals and  weasels own all the bullhorns.

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