Sunday, August 30, 2015


It would be difficult to count the words that have been written about mind control and the subversive nature  of  trash language in the destruction of stable societies and cultural norms. In its ascending pilgrimage accounted for by five millenia of history, from Hammurabi to Putin and Ayatolla Kahmeini, the world's human population has been bombarded by ... Indeed, threatened and coerced into adopting language with nonsensical roots that engenders behavior that begs credulity.

In Exodus, there is the story of Moses'  followers falling prey to the silver-tongued  Animism of Baal  while their leader was receiving the tablets of the Ten Commandments from the One God. While he was communing on  Sinai's Peak, the restless newly-freed people learned a new language and extracted from it a golden calf-effigy, something they could see, feel, smell, taste  and hear if they struck it.

So it has ever been in the history of seduction, traduction and prostitution of language for the slavery and control of men and women.

There are many historical examples, the most outstanding being the guile and hate of Savanarola's Inquisition, Oliver Cromwell's revolution, Dr. Goebbels' inventions for Hitler's  Nazi Germany  and Lenin-Stalin  Komsolspeak in Russia.

Now it's our turn.

In the Vanguard of Enforced "NewSpeak" predicted by  Aldous Huxley and George Orwell are members of the faculty at Washington State University, where students are warned in course syllabi that if they do not use the language preferred by their professors they will fail the courses and / or be forcibly excluded from class attendance.  READ DETAILS HERE !

  Among the requirements laid down for the students is the rule that they can never use "male" or "female" in any course work.  They are not allowed to use the phrase "illegal alien" and many many more  proscriptions are listed. Some "No-Nos" are left for the instructor / professor to invent later.

This horrible emergence of "speech code" graven in stone, blessed by college administration in  a course syllabus is the flowering of a great  stink-bloom that has been growing for all the years of political correctness fed by the manure of subversive left wing academia in rapture with incestuous passion for mind control of college students.

David Horowitz warned of this encroachment in the 1980s. The organization FIRE and the website Legal Insurreaction play leading roles in ferreting out the destroyers and their identities and activities.

Although Washington State University is the first higher education center to brassily announce its .perfidy in a catalog, you may be sure that many lesser institutions are poised like sprinters in the blocks to follow suit.

The goal, of course, is "K-12 and PreKin !!!"  (The scourge will be fait accompli before you're even finished with Common Core.

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