Saturday, July 18, 2015

Deceit and Surrendeer

What’s wrong with this picture:

John Kerry is negotiating with Iran on their acquisition of nuclear reactor fuel and the lifting of sanctions against the Iranian government

The fact that four Americans are wasting in hellish Iranian prison is never discussed during these so-called “negotiations” from which the United States gets absolutely nothing and the Iranians get everything they want.

In addition the Obama administration releases and sends home to Iran a high level scientist of sensitive background.

What’s wrong with this is that it smacks of treachery.


What is even worse is that when Major Garrett, a CBS  White House correspondent, questioned the president on this matter, he was attacked not only by  O,  but by most of his colleagues at the “news” conference. They accused Garrett of “disrespect” and “embarrassing the president”.  But he was simply seeking a truthful answer— apparently such a rarity in that venue that the rest of the sycophantic Hive was either ignorant, nescient or just stupid.

Or could they be conscious conspirators  in bamboozling the American people ?

 Heaven Forfend !

It is obvious that the total “FIX” is in as far as any responsibility for spreading truthful reports of national importance is concerned by most of the Pinko pre-arranged “press”.

Certainly this is more than a twice told tale, coming from this blog, and maybe it could draw a submissive sigh from one who prefers noncombatant status.

But there are many among us enraged by this tableau of ugliness and deceit.  As a real  fact in life, it scares us to the marrow of our bones— just as does  the slaughter of five servicemen by a Muslim Terrorist   ---all disarmed by the Congress and the Pentagon in “Gun-Free Zones”.

No connection ?   Think again. The Blanket of Megiddo  is  immeasurable.

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