Tuesday, July 14, 2015

NOT "Mimi" but "ME!-ME !"

First of all, we DO realize that our status as walking, talking, composing and ghostly fossil precludes our having expertise on this matter, generally.

But we do have some experience in the workplace, having occupied same for nearly 60 years of our life.

The subject is the fact that more than 60% of "millennial's" (actually workers between 18 and 25) surveyed by competent opinion professionals, stoutly declare they would quit their jobs if their employer restricted or banned their use of  texting  or mobile phone use and access to Twitter and Facebook during working hours.

Is that THEFT or BLACKMAIL ? Or both ?

You can read the whole story from Philadelphia's favorite television news outlet  H E R E !

This should not be the shocking surprise that it is to many of us. It has been noted before by many educators, therapists and  voyeurs of the millennial scene that these young people are really tans-solipsists, if not indeed, children of Onan.

It is agreeably poignant to remember when we scrawled steamy love notes and passed them to our beloved Juliet five seats away in the classroom. Even now it is powerful and captivating for some of us to remember those days and those notes.  

But the parents of these youths who choose sexting and gossip to work necessary to feed their faces ...these parents are similarly addicted, fading themselves into hardwired self -massage. so, what should  we expect ?

Well it's not too difficult to imagine lower productivity and a lot of anger and displacement of allegiance. On the other hand it might not be amiss to wager that some wilted and malleable psychologist or sociologist will pronounce the use of mobile devices conducive to facile and syrupy  labor environments.  Stupidity and sloth always seem to find  their professional enablers.

 Everyone gets a little bit irritated when a cell phone ring tone interrupts a serious discussion of  Jordan Spieth's  golf swing, or a dialogue on which spices should be exploited in Pasta la Bolognese !

But shouldn't we draw the line when Facebook and Twitter undermined the gross national product-- which includes Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Linkedin ?

Or should we just relax, go soporific and pretend about  the UN-Brave, UN-New, UN- World ?

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