Friday, October 02, 2015

How About Allah ?

The famous college  historically recognized as one of the  pioneering educational institutions  in America,  the Colorado School of Mines  and Mining  has stepped into  the CowPlop  land of  Pee Cee--- and it may be costly.

A former   athlete there , a successful media  figure , wanted to donate $2,500  to a new  sports facility  at the college .   Donors were allowed  to  have a brass  plate  placed  in the facility  with whatever  words   the donor supplied.

This man,  actually very sensitive  to the   stupidity  of present day  academe   and its  hobby horses ,  simply asked for  notations  of verse  from  St. Paul's  letter  to the Collosians, and another noted verse.  He did NOT offer the vese...just the "address"   you understand !


One of the verses   contained  the appellation "Lord".  The Colorado  School of Mines advised the donor  that  "Lord", "God" and "JESUS"  are VERBOTEN  as far  as the little brass .medallions are concerned---. even if they are "masked" and only suggested by verse  annotation.

To our way of thinking, this proscription stands alone as the Premier Silliest  piece of  political correctness on record  anywhere.

Of course , .a state.where everybody is locked into a hallucinogenic  drug. with their  hookahs, bungs  and brownies, ANYTHING is possible.  Without a doubt,  the. ensuing lawsuit will find a special  place in the shelves of Colorado attorneys---and maybe. . even on Saturday Night Live.

One interesting afterthought:

What if  the Minnesota Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison had a son. at this school and wanted to have HIS  donor-medallio  read simply "Qr'an Suras 97 &  8."

Those  are  the ones that endorses...Yea, encourage brutality,  looting and extorting "Infidels" . All Christians, Jews, Sikhs, and Buddhists.

Would the Colorado college smile on Allah ?

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