Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pub Switcheroo Shock

Conventional wisdom has it that a Muslim mosque is wholly devoted to teaching and reinforcing Qu'ranic discipline.

This is not so. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, while Mohammed's original mosque in Medina was fashioned for worship and indoctrination, modern mosques are centers with functions of military, legal, charitable, as well as religious and educational import.
ImaYussef prepared for the first Word Trade Center bmbing  in his New Jersey mosque ! Remember ?

Therefore the citizens of the United Kingdom AND Eire  who have been dedicated to their local "pubs"   for centuries and who are wholly and individually fond of  their "pint" are  in the throes of grief  over the disappearance of up to 20 "locals" a week throughout the United Kingdom. This will surely take on the bloody activity of self-flagellation and the wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth when they learn that their favorite Home away from Home will soon become a mosque.

It is a pattern already being realized in many small communities, where the conglomerates that own and operate most of the Inns in in the country, find it a welcome and lucrative choice to sell the  fading local pubs to Islamic communities fpr mosques.

It's no secret that the rusty and dusty-- as well as some bright and  sunlit-- rural mostly-beer drinking haunts have been money-losing propositions for nearly two decades. And when the pub has been sold by the conglomerate, its surrounding community of potential loyalists who have paid scarce attention to the demise   of  pubdom in the UK,  awaken with outrage that Radical Teetotalers are taking possession of their watering holes and that there will never again be music or singing in what was once "The Lame Horse"  or  "Biddy's Brake" or "The Unforseen" and will never again receive the benediction of sloshed and spilled "bitters" or "dark"  from  a tangle-footed tippler.

Members of my family and I have all-- back in the rowdy B-S days (before sobriety) frequented these loveliest of Britain's gifts to civilization and while I can understand  that charging two pounds sterling ($3) for a pint of the best is an understandable spur to the death of the public house, I cannot imagine Scotland, England or
either Ireland where Islamic mosques  replace the pubs with Islamic discipline and instruction in armament as well as the call of the Haditha and the Suras.

It is truly sad to an old and trustworthy pub lover to imagine Martial Arts taking over the space where many loud imprecations and poorly aimed haymakers characterized the reportage of violence at the sites.

I am not sure why, but this mind wanders to the specters of Sam Adams and John Hancock garbed in loincloth and feathers hoisting Tea chests into the drink.

Yes, indeed !  This Pub-to-Mosque thing is the way revolutions are ignited.






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