Monday, November 23, 2015

Gee, THANKS....I Guess...


Despite the fact that all indications point to the demise of Thanksgiving Day as a holiday of any importance save serving as an introduction to a period of insane and savage commercial activity, it seems that gratitude itself should be recognized as a threatened concept in 2015, so here goes:

I'm grateful for the student athletes and other bums at the University of  Missouri for forcing out the college president because he suffered other students to look at the aforementioned cry-Bullies with squawnch-eyed appraisal while "not liking"  them. Since the aggrieved mob is an accumulation of subsidized vagrants, their "victory" is even more irrelevant than it would ordinarily be.


I am nostalgically reminded of my youngest son's  complaint at the dinner table about his oldest brother:  "Make him STOP !!! He's LOOKIN' at me !!!"

And shouldn't we all give thanks to the peaceful Muslims at Ottawa, Ontario Canada's hometown university for being offended by and closing down a yoga class freely offered there for 60 mobility-impaired and disabled people ?  Spokespersons for the Student Centre, where the yoga instruction has been offered for seven years, said that changing the name of the exercises from "Yoga" to "Mindful Stretching" would not satisfy the offended protestor, who complained the practice as well as the name of the exercises are both based in oppressive colonial enslavement and painful memory. What a boon these multi-offended people are ! And they are everywhere ! Aren't we lucky ?!
I am also  grateful for the recurrent demands by a very small minority of one-seventh   of American citizens demanding  "Reparation payments" for slavery. (Which, incidentally ended in 1863, almost exactly the same time Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday. (It was on October 3 then !) These demands always remind me that Muslims, and the Ottoman Empire across the Top of North Africa had more than one and one-half million Europeans in bonded slavery when America's first warrior after the Constitution was adopted, Stephen Decatur, ended the Reign of  Terror and enslavement by the Barbary Pirates. They held more than twice as many  European slaves  as were "owned" by US president Thomas Jefferson and  other elite Americans.


It is a source of much comfort and gratitude to know that most Americans surveyed (70 %) pay very little attention to the AlGorean Chicken-Little crowd of weasel- greedy frauds trying to sell the G W climate change stable sweepings 15 years after the evidence has died.   While there are pockets of ignorance here and there, most people older than the high school serfs know that most of the "scientists" who signed the original  GW scare document, had not completed their education or otherwise  qualified at the time they signed a complaint, more than 15 years ago.

Our effusive gratitude is qlso due the Mafia in the five boroughs of  New York City for daring to tell the Islamic State to dare attack the Big Apple at their FATAL  peril !  (Since the communista-wussie  De Basio has "castrated" the NYPD.

Charlie Lucky LIVES !

In a last paragraphh, let us seriously and fulsomely be thankful for honest courageous journalists wherever they are while we express hope that the number will increase as the extortionate, punitive corruption of the District of Columbia falls into proper desuetude.

Among the best are Peggy Noonan, Sharyl  Atkisson, Mark Steyn, Mark Levin, John Nolte, Ben Shapiro, Charles Krauthammer, Bill Maher, Megan Kelly, Steve Chapman, Jim Taranto, Sean Trende and the Prince of all of them, Matt Drudge.

We are ill-served by those who take pelf or praise for their perfidious prostitution of public trust in media performance.  They know who they are. 

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