Sunday, September 30, 2012

Setting a New Nadir

"Let's see... a two bit burglary in an attempt to get some info on Democrat plans followed by a cover up vs. a policy of appeasement of radical Muslims bent on world domination leading to the murder of a US ambassador and three embassy staffers followed by a cover up. Yep, I'd judge the latter worse than the former...."

That is a quote from RAJAMAS MEDIA today.

Cato's Depot was 'way ahead of the curve on this, recognizing at the outset that the White House replaced Marines with unarmed Libyan employrees of a Brit firm, INVITING  a murderous attack on the Benghazi  consulate.

Were these "security hires" complicit ??

And THAT was while the White House was clamoring that the "protestors" were "upset" by a video. Then the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton took that line. Then the U.N. ambassador went on ALL the Sunday interview shows to say "there was no planned attack" to kill four Americans and drag the dead ambassador's body through the atreets.

That was THEN.

But NOW, CIA director Leon Panetta admits the bloodletting was planned far ahead of time, and that his agency lost track. They (AND WE) now know it was all pre-planned.

Well, whether you were cutting grass, milking a cow or dining at Chick-Fil-A with all those white and black Holstein cattle, we bet YOU knew differently too.

After all, it WAS the anniversary of  9-11 !!!

What do these third-rate scam artists take us for?

We think this IS wprse than Watergate, and maybe even worse  that Fast and Furious....Even though we still do not know how many people died in Eric Holder's conspiracy march toward more "gun control".

But if YOU let them, the sycophantic, whorish media will slip this into another memory hole before  Congressional investigators get a crack at it.

Where is the hell-raising  outrage?

Swallowed and muffled by the free cell phones Obama gave away, probably.

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