Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reiteration: They LIE !

Rare treat on tap today !

0's White House is hammering CNN because someone there came up with the diary of the slain ambassador  to  Libya and it reveals that he feared for his life just prior to the sacking of his consulate by Islamofascists.


If you haver paid attention, you know that Hillary Clintom and President 0  refused armed U.S. military protection for the Benghazi envoy and consulate.  Instead, they hired an unarmed phalanx of Brit-hired Libyans, who are now suspected of having helped plan the attack and slaughter of four U.S. officials.

At first, the "Official" administration position was that the rioters / killers were "reacting" to a movie trailer. Then, to cartoons ?

Then,  every honest news outlet in the world, including Al Jazeera  concluded the  attacks were planned for weeks if not months for the anniversary of the 9-11  al Qaeda demolition of the WTC towers and the  killing of  3,000.  Finally, 0, Hillary and their spolesman "admitted" they "had been mistaken".

That spells  "LYING".

It is  treacherous and criminal that the citizens of the U.S.  pay so little attention to 0's  disastrous foreign policy quagmire.

It is even worse that no relevant or believeable  thrust has appeared in Congress or in the "media"  to gat at the bottom of this administration's  spineless deference to the exsanguinating muslim apparatchik

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