Friday, June 08, 2012

More Than "Tone Deaf"---LOST

We knew that President Obama was in for a tough June.

SCOTUS has yet to rule on Obamacare OR The administration's ( Eric Holder's) suit against Arizona.

But THIS is ridiculous ! He's giving every indication he;s gone back to the Ganja Bong to serenade his scraggly arriogant nerves.

First he and his aides claimed that Wiscionsin Governor Scott Walker's 7-point landslide victory over the recall thugs "is a good sign" for the November election.

Then, he called a press conference to announce that "the private sector is doing fine!!!".

Within an hour, he was saying he did not mean that...that what he meant was that the private economy is doing better than the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union hiring is doing. But the private sector is good....

Within a quarter of an hour Mitt Romney, in Council Bluffs IOWA, went down the list and litany of job losses that keep piling up. (We are now in the minus-four-million neighborhood, compared with 2009 !!!

Next, today, Obama defied reports that "anyone in my White House" could, or would "possibly leak classified information" to any media. He did not name the New York Times.

Along comes a serious congressional memo that references at least TWO cases where The Old Grey Lady has announced a source for sensational security-sensitive stories traced to President Obama's aides or White House sources. STORY HERE !

The memo honestly reflects the reaction of any reasonable person: "Either the president or The New York Times is wrong (LYING).

He is definitely NOT improving his "JUNE".

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