Friday, May 04, 2012


All the recent revelations about our president’s “compressed” or “composite” college girlfriends and the true identity of the “uncle Frank” of his memoirs (a communist poet, lover of his mother’s) are more than titillating.

Since the White House has ABOLISHED the hallowed PRESS CONFERENCE, (SEE THIS) these splatterings of fake garbage are our daily fare.

They are very revealing. “Fibbing”, which was called lying in the admonitions of my maturation, seems to come as second nature to this man.

Or maybe it was the Weatherman-Underground terrorist bomber Bill Ayers, accused of ghostwriting Obama’s memoirs who did all the fabricating. But take a look at this:

How the obvious effort at magnified smirking to rally all the “yoots” to his cohort crowd, PrezBarry has admitted to being a pothead / coke head “in the past”.

As one who spent a quarter-century as a degreed and credentialed professional anti-addiction therapist, it is strange that he is probably the only head of state on earth never to have been questioned by any member of the press, radio or television media on the subject of his drug use.

Does this bother you?

And if you and I confronted him on his snarky trap laid for youngsters, would we be bothered if he or Kook Carney defended his admission to drug use as being “just kidding” or, indeed, “stretching the truth” = “Fibbing”= “Lying”.

This is surely Barry in Wonderland—and NOT Lewis Carroll child fiction!

It must be contagious, because his attorney general, Eric Holder obviously does not believe that he can be held in contempt of Congress for withholding subpoenaed documents concerning "Fast and Furious" fatalities and illegalities.

What is absolutely confounding to me is that there are apparently literate people who still approve of all these linguistic acrobatics, contortions, obfuscations and falsehoods supported by a totally sycophantic Drive-By media that has to fire somebody almost daily for letting the conspiratorial cat out of the bag.

This faux drama is keeping me alive. I can’t wait to see what kind of crap sandwich the American people will be served tomorrow— and even better— how avidly they lick their lips.

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