Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Worse than Wretched

ALERT:  As we post this, the National Journal  is
peporting that the Obama-Hilary State Department is stating that "THE WAR ON TERROR IS OVER !  It goes on to say all the al Quaeda are  all dead.

Does This  mean Homeland Security and TSA "Feeling Up" and "Patting Down" will be halted ?

Back in the dear old dead days of the Cold War that was a great underground joke in the Soviet Union that went like this:

“There is no Pravda in Izvestiya and no Izvestiya in Pravda !!!”

Pravda was the communist party official organ and the name translates as TRUTH.

Izvestiya was the official Soviet news agency and the name translates as NEWS.

Thus, in Red Russia, there was no truth in news and no news in truth.

Now, where do we stand on these two important salients of media responsibility in the USA today? (No pun intended.)

In fact we are so accustomed to newsrag and television High Botchery in recent days and years that most of the formerly great newspapers have about have the circulation they enjoyed 10-15 years ago. They are all in the red financially, and folding faster than diapers in an OB hospital.

NBC recently could count less than 3 million viewers for a special that included plaudits for the present national administration and only two million for its nightly news.

Just five years ago, NBC averaged 10-11 million every night.

The other two networks have been caught doctoring videos and cherry picking reports in a malign fashion.

When evidence which was available at the time of the network skulduggery was splashed across the Internet, the TV network led all of its newscasts immediately with the refutation.

I predict there is still out of multimillions in damages when the time comes.

What bothers me– as a former ink stained wretch of the fourth estate, is that the 150 million sane and reasonable citizens of the USA do not take to the streets about this vicious malpractice on the part of the media. The repeated insult to the intelligence of a citizen by these brainwashed collectivist talking heads and plagiarists.

They are all guilty of rape of a million minds.

Do you care ?

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