Monday, May 07, 2012

The B.B. CYA President


Nobody will EVER hear about this. Frantic efforts are afoot to expunge it from the Internet.

You cannot find it on any website except Daily Caller and Free Republic as this Blog is composed.

But a former high governemt official is saying that Pesident Obama had a Cover-My-Arse memo blamong ineopt military in case the capture / assasination attempt on Osama in Laden failed. CLICK HERE !

Seems a lot of complicated nonsense involving cretinous Jay Carney and Jo Biden to me.

Why not just blame Bush ?? Same ole Sae ole.

And we already know that the Pak hideout of the terrorist mastermind had been bullseyed for more tan six months !

What a perilous "gutsy call" indeed.

Now, the "football" has REALLY been spiked.

Don't you just love it when a sleazy, low-class juvenile endeavor collapses in ruin ?

This sort of comeuppance is betterthan a triple-twisted Espresso with marshmellow syrup.

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