Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This morning, September 11, 2012, I awakened to images of obviously crazed muslim militants lowering Old Glory at our embassy in Cairo, Egypt, having scaled the walls. They hoisted a black flag, and cried for death-to-America, just as their fellow Arabs and Islamites probably did eleven years ago as they flew jet passenger planes into the World Trade Center towers.

Let me just say....I WILL NEVER FORGET.

But many want to. Thank God, these vermin will remind us with their bloodiness if we ever "nod off".

In the eleven years since Betts and I watched the towers pancake to nothingness, most of the world has pretended it did not happen. Evil sycophants and apologists for Islam have rigged the deal.

In the United States, the fat-faced dragonlady of Homeland Security has established a course that harrasses toddlers and Alzeimers' victims and turns a blind eye to scarves, burkhas
turbans and bearded middle-eastern men.

Our "leaders" ---who are actially overpaid servants of America, have adopted an institutionalized isolating sycophancy that they call "Pee-Cee". which holds suspect and dangerous any Christian or Jew who owns a gun.

Big Sis Napolitano has driven into her minions' minds that the most imminent threat to the United States is a handful of organized citizens limited to the states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah.

Anyone questioning the basic motive or impetus of muslim or atheist gangs are considered dangerous extremists, or racist, in the PeeCee cloud-mind.

If an informed person the likes of Geert Wilders or Robert Spencer who has actually been INSIDE a mosque and knows what goes on in them comes alog with even delicate warning, the dime-dropper is harangued, threatedned with assassination, or actually murdered somewhere.

Some infidels other than the loose leaf anarchists of the Crescent-and-Scimitar have come to the conclusion that too many of these devouts have swapped their reasoning for a fetid movement that worships Death, and has all the characteristics of a Nihilist construct of economic, social, legal serfdom glossed over with what could actually be---standing alone---a solid monotheistic Faith.

But we wish on a moonbeam that the evil is not there and we have pretended ourselves into a savage economic, social, and Spiritual blind alley, led by our paid servants to a reckoning I hope not to see.

But while I am here a little longer....I WILL NEVER FORGET.



Excellent ! Proud of you for doing this.


Dale Hernden said...

If this were Facebook I'd be clicking the "like" tab.