Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wharton MBA Speaks

My friend Reg Grant, receivd his MBA from the best source there is for such degrees, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a sharp cookie

When I sent him notice FedEx is going to reduce its per share divident by 11% nest time, he replied by suggesting a subject for this Blog.

My eyes are getting more lane and my typing less accurate week by week. Soon, I am going to have to close Cato's Depot.

Abd, Reg is a perfectly artuculate writer, so I am just going to reprint he
appraisal of our (The USA's) situation in September, 2012 .

And as I do so, I want to point out that this is why the Democrat Parrty and its nominee moved from a70,000 caqpacity Stadium to a 19,000 indoor venue for the Zero Speech.

They know !

Now, Here is Reg Grant:

Here is what I think. Right now our economy is down. It’s been down and is staying down. This keeps our countries’ revenues down.

Obama and his crew have done very little-to-nothing to get our economy growing.

Yet Obama and his crew have been busy with all sorts of social programs – ObamaCare being the leading one, but there are many more. And we are borrowing money to fund these programs at record amounts. This as we all know is financially imprudent. Bailing out General Motors so it could produce electri cars (The Volt) that had a 30-mile-per-recharge capacity is another "fr-instance". ( GM has canceled the Volt.)

When you have been in charge of budgets – whether a business or a family budget – you pay attention to getting your income up. And you pay for your necessities, then you go and buy luxuries – and that part of your income is called Discretionary income.

Many of these government entitlements are really "civic luxuries", but Obama and his gang are selling them as necessities. Yet they have not paid any attention to reducing them or realistically increasing revenue acroos the board.

Don’t we need to put the horse in front of the cart? I believe Romney will do this. We know that Obama will not do this since we now have a 4 year record to "prove" that assumption.

Well, I will not cavil. He's correct. We MUST cut close to the bone and shave some of the bone.

Electing the right people in the House of Representatives and the Senate is probably as important as who we elect president. Most peiople actually forget that ALL budgets MUST originate in the House.

As I close this Blog, I have a "*Flash*" that the United States has now dropped several more notches on the graph-chart of "International Competitiveness".

This will certainly further shrink the window of possibility regarding the saving and repristination of our Nation

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