Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SCOTUS Hands Holder & 0 EPIC FAIL !

In case your local fish wrapper hid the story on page 17 below the fold and your local perky leftwing TV screecher also deep-sixed it, how about the Supreme Court UNANIMOUSLY slapping down the latest power grab by the frothy mouthed attorney general, Eric Holder and his boss.

The point at issue was whether a church or congregation could fire a minster.

Holder and Obama said it was "unfair"---the usual wussie whine.

Chief Justice John Roberts, supported without cavil by the other eight justices, introduced blind racist Eric Holder to the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution...which Holder has been using like you and I would use Charmin since he's been at Justice.

My question is, when a Roman Catholic hospital like St. Joseph's in Atlanta or St. Vincents in Jacksonville...OR a Jewish hospital like Mt. Sinai in New York...OR any Baptist hospital... refuses to perform abortion, under Obamacare, will they be shut down ? Can Obamacare "trump" the U.S. Constitution the way Holder and Obama and the communist Hive in media an government believe ?

It's an interesting concept isn't it ?

We are pleased to bring it to your attention.

We just cannot get over that UNANIMOUS opinion. Ominous for Zero.

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