Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I M P O N D E R A B L E....

As many know, I consider myself a fellow-traveling Jew.

This dates back to the 1940's and my teens. At Emory, my "Christian" Greek letter fraternity, ATO was politically (and, lonesomely) aligned with the two Jewish fraternities (AEPi and TEPhi) in interfraternity council and other matters.

As a mentor, in my early years at Emory, my mentor on the Wheel and Campus publications was Teddy Levitas, (later a better dentist than he was then a sports writer). I was also very fond of his brother Elliot Levitas and his personal heroism in public office.

When President Harry Truman bulldozed the U.N. into recognizing Israel as a nation state, I had already been contributing my small pittance to Zionist causes.

I have never changed

Now, what I cannot understand is how Steven Spielberg and other Jews in America can make weasel-knees to the Islamofascists.

How can a Jew be a "liberal" in the United States today? Have they not ever read the roll of the 9 / 11 corpses from the Twin Towers?

What is it about "The Holocaust is a Myth" or "Erase Israel from the Map" they do not understand? me out here.
How can any Jew, son or grandson of Jews, regardless of how or whether they practice Judaism
take the passive, pacifist "liberal" ideology today ?

My Betts, who also was a Judeophile, used to ask her patients:

"What is the payoff for your self hating behaviour ???"

That’s what I'm asking all these Jews who still call themselves "liberals".

Whassamtaa You ????

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