Friday, January 27, 2006

A Black By Any Other Name...

Some idiot named "Self" who was running the campaign of a member of the ancient and honorable Scranton family, that claims birthright to the Pennsylvania governorship, has been fired "for cause".

He called Scranton's GOP primary opponent ""the REAL Rich White Guy" in the race !!!

He was talking about Lynn Swann.

Yes, THAT Lynn Swann. He of the chocolat-cafe'- au-lait epidermis, the cultured tones, gallant demeanor, four super bowl wins with the Steelers and NFL Hall of Fame credentials.

(He also serves on the corporate boards of Hershey and H.J. Heinz.)

I point this out here because you will NOT read it in your local fishwrapper, and it won't be on ESPN or CNN.

There is also another point to be made here.

If you want to be elected over an opponent, there are several things you must NOT call your opponent:



Tone Deaf




Pro-death penalty

Pro Academic freedom

Reciter or protector of Natural Law.

This is NOT, of course, because all the voting public is AGAINST these things. It is because the irrelevant Antique media hates these things, and will not "cover" anyone even accused of such apostatic allegiances.

And, certainly, one should NEVER scold an opponent for being "overly responsible" or "too involved in accountability issues". That was tried back in 2004.

The "accused" ...WON!!!

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