Sunday, January 29, 2006

Have you heard about ???

Am I the only one who remembers all the pseudoscientific screaming about the "New Ice Age" in the late 1960's and the 1970's???

Or am I dreaming?

Now the chicken littles all have grabbed and embraced Glow Bull Worming as the "Major Threat" to the world.

You will note that these screamers all have a history of "policy wonkism"--the belief that government control of people's lives is the be-all and end-all--the Paradise on Earth In Our Time.

There have been many cranky ideas that have been embraced by these sort of collectivist minded morons.

The last one was Lysenkoism, pushed by the Soviet Communists whereby they claimed proof of IMMEDIATE inheritance of acquired charateristics. Before that, it was the horrid spectre of an "infected gene pool" that led to sontrolled genocide and, eventually to the European Holocaust.

The fate of these braingassy fads is self evident.

Those of us who can actually remember living through these frenzied idiocies take a calm and wary attitude.

I reccommend we all read Michael Chricton's State of Fear for starters.

Then, consider the tale of the two ignorant cretins who were interrupted by a state trooper as they savagely beat up two bearded, black- hatted Hasid Jews on the highway.

"What the devil are you doing?" the trooper hollered as he cuffed them.

"Well, they's Jews, ain;t they?" one cretin asked.

"They killed Jesus Christ, didden they?" whined the other thug.

"Well, I don;t know about that," the trooper mused. "I think the Romans had a lot tgo do with that, and besides, that was 2000 years ago!!!"

"The HAIL, you say!!!" the two imbeciles hollered, in unison, "We just heard about it at the camp meeting last night !!!!

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