Monday, February 20, 2006

Lazy Moonbats

It just tickles me plumb to death wnem the WHOLE of the Antique MS Media falls on its bum, like a pack of pigs on ice !

Dana Milbank of the Washinmgton Post got taken to the woodshed and chewed out by his bosses for wearing a hunting outfit on Keith Olberman's show. (NOBODY watches MSNBC, so I have to tell you about it !)

NBC's resident idiot, Dave Gregory, on the White House beat, who called WH spokesman Scott McClalland "a jerk" on camera had to apologize to the whole nation on Tim Russert's Meet-The-Press show.

But the GREATEST, most beautiful moment of all was when the USA's great speed skater, Shari Davis won the gold medal ! He is a handsome man of color, you know.

It was a very sharp stick in the eye --(and the CRAW)-- for Bryant Gumbel, of HBO, who had decried the irrelevance of the Winter Olympics because.."with no black competitors, it looks like a GOP convention..."

The thing about these snotnosed children is that they are lazy.

They do no research. They do not care. If THEY do not know it, it isn't true. Just "shoot fromk the lip" !!!

Ignorance? Sure. But my son, Keith calls them "Lazy Journalists".

And... their laziness is going to kill their influence. That is my prediction. The "Consumers" of information are not simply SMARTER than these myopic moonbats.

We are, none of us, lazy. They are.

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