Thursday, December 21, 2006


Christmas is about the Advent of Hope and Forgiveness in the world.

Chanukkah is about Light to displace darkness and despair.

That these holidays are celebrated all over the world during the Winter Solstice and as an introduction to a New Year of Hope and Light is not without profound and elegant mystical meaning.

We all may have another chance to look at our selves, our souls and improve our lives and the lives of others, everywhere.

Giving presents is not bad. But giving of our selves, daily in earnest, can be more than good. Giving can be life changing. The gift of a new year...even the gift of a new day to those of us who are aware that we march closer to our last earthly Spiritually invigorating.

Actually, no man or woman knows when the last day will be. So it behooves each of us to grasp the Light and Hope of the season.

There are many on our earth who cannot read or write, and who mimic and parrot what they hear. And they can choose to buttress and strengthen their ignorance by never admitting a new Light or a new Hope.

But History has so far shown that the captive minds in collective evil are like Ernest Hemingway's Worms in a Jar,, attempting, bereft of Hope and without Light to gain sustenance and meaning from one another in insularity.

They will desiccate, finally, and be blown by winds of everlasting wisdom.

And if they really believe they can gain immortality by slaughtering all who are not imprisoned in hopeless darkness, they must fail.

Hope and Light have eternally sealed mankind's endurance and inclination to prevail.

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