Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Who Is Up Next ?

The Depot wants to update readers about a few courageous voices that do not glance off harmlessly when they hit the PeeCee armored agents of the Dinosaur Media.

Tony Bennet is quoted as saying that America is "a cultural void".

Bob Dylan joins him and opines there is no more music.

Rev. Al Sharpton denounces Gangsta / Ho rap and hiphop as "destructive".

Juan Williams, a noted liberal columnist for the dying Liberal print press, wites in his new book that rampant illiteracy and self imposed "dumbing down" are smothering the nation.

And, Bill Cosby just keeps on doing something that Howard Cosell NEVER did....telling it like it is about community and cultural suicide by Afro-America.

These were Internet stories, NOT from the MSM.

This must be embarrassing to the Politically Correct crowd, who consistently call murderous terrorists "militants" and homicidal bombers of infants "martyrs" and beheaders of innocent newsmen "freedoim fighters".

The Depot, here, and even Cato is heartened and energized by all these revolutionary revelations of things that have been self evident fot at least a decade and a half.

But, despite the truth telling, PeeCee will not die. The Spiritual Spike has not been driven thtough the heart of craven evil.

Watch the news anywhere. See how they protect larcenous, lying congrerssmen.

Listen to the weasels misinforming you and distorting facts about a confessed predatory criminal.

See them hide the truth about a major league basbeall player who cheated with dope.

Cosby, Dylan, Bennett, and Williams have "done good".

But where is the next truthteller now? And, can he or she break through the barrier of the politically correct prison that asphyxiates our freedom?

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