Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mainstream Media Murmur

I am not your friend.
You pay me well, but I betray you.
You purchase words from me and expectations, too
That, certainly, those words will paint the facts of Life
To undergird decisions.

But I am not your friend.
I do not tell you things that do not fit
My slots and missing mortises.

I fear your mind and so
I render you a mindless, clueless child
And pander to your greed and envy.
My Duty is a sworn one...
To withhold any balanced view
To temper inflammation with contrary peace
Or give a different value to the words I bring than my own warp.
And thus I will imprison you with your comoplicity.

I am not your friend, but still I haunt your every breath,
Insinuate myself into your play, your laughter and your rest
With twisted and subversive sounds and sights
Destruction of your culture is my goal.
I am your teacher and your chart...
But ....I am not your friend..

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