Friday, June 23, 2006

Evils of a Boob Memory....

Lying, venal subversive journalists bank on the modern disposable society with its short memory to protect their backsides and camouflage their transgressions.
I hope I am joined by others in my frayed tolerance for these hijinks of hypocrisy.
Here are two examples that show that present day journos and pols survive on strength of H.L. Mencken’s diagnosis of the "Boobwazzee" !
First there what is supposed to be the deep dark secret of the U.S.A. Intelligence services "plundering" financial information to track terrorists and their supporters. Despite requests from the co-chairs of the 9/ 11 Commission, and leaders of both political parties, the New York Times, the L.A. Times and the Ass Press all went with the story that we were tracking every penny, euro, dinar, and shekel we could find going into terrorist coffers. Despite the fact that "secrecy" might save thousands of innocent lives. (I.e.: Bali, Spain, London).
But, looky here now! President Bush signed an executive order in December, 2001 authorizing and Veep Dick Cheney made a speech outlining the plan PRECISELY!
It was not "secret" at all.
And, then there is the dependence of Senator John Kerry on your miserable memory.
Just three years ago, running for president, Kerry called a news conference and announced that George W. Bush planned to "cut and run" from Iraq, and endanger the entire American nation and its people by doing so. It’s on the record. It was prominently reported—yes, in the NYTimes and the LATimes, among other fishwrappers, plus all TV news outlets.
But just this week, 34 of Kerry’s fellow Dem senators voted against his widely, loudly hailed motion to "cut and run" from Iraq by July of next year.
If this ole blind, nearly deaf 81 year old can remember these things, do you suppose the rest of America has really forgotten?
Well, just in’s your reminder.
Like Leadbelly’s "Bad Actin Woman" of yore, these folks "DON’T MEAN NO ONE MAN NO GOOD!!!!"

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