Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ignoramusses Unite !!!!

How did you spend July 4, 2006 ???

I spent it reading and hearing about polls that purport to show that America hates its president, has no desire to win in Afghanistan, Iraq or in the war against IslamoFascist Terror.... Which to me all means the same thing.

If these talking-head sheep and their undergirding pollsters had been around from 1775 through 1782, there would have been no glorious victory over Cornwallis at Yourktown.

There would be no United States, no Constitution, no Bill of Rights, no growing Liberty on this continent that peaked with the freeing of the slaves in 1865, and saving of Western Civilixation in 1945.

Because, the signers of the declaration and the members of the continental army of General George Washington were A MINORITY of the people in the thirteen original colonies.

Oh ! You doubt that? Look it up, anywhere. I learned it in a rural Georgia grammar school in 1936. And every reliable historian has recorded it.

I would wager... (though except for Blaise Pascal's wager, I do not "bet")...that many readers do not know that the Continental Army had thousands of black soldiers, rebelling against England and battling for their own freedom.

Anyway, there are many things that are lost on July Fourth these days. Present day governemnt schools in which the teachers denounce and battle against "No Child Left Behind", there is no history of the United States revolution properly taught. Merit and excellence are abhorred and discouraged.

it is *( G A S P )* not appropriate, to mention either Jesus or George Washington in a government school nowadays.

Piety and patriotism are proscibed....Not just muted.

And so, you have been assuming that an overwhelming mob of "democrats" won your freedom and established the first great beacon of Liberty??

Well, most of them were a minority of courageous, indefatguable Nathan Hale Types who were frustrated that they had only ONE life to offer. A few were quaking cowards when the chips were down. But Benedict Arnold and Paul Andre' were heroes to all the tories. Thank God Washington was an even better spymaster than Dubya !!!!

And there's one other thing the average American does not know.

They never used the word "democracy". You will not find it in any of the Federalist papers, or other correspondence of the revolutionary era. They called the United States a Republic and they called all men who opposed the British Crown "republicans".

Even "Whigs" were suspect for a loooooong time.

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