Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bet You Saw it First Here !

Here are two bulletins you won’t get on TV or in your daily fish wrapper:

The chief judge of the Federal District of Columbia court has ruled that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was well within its powers in entering, searching and seizing incriminating materials from Congressman William Jefferson’s (D. LA) office.
Liberal columnists and frightened politicians had raised cries of "invasion" and "thuggery" against the FBI, which has already videotaped Jefferson receiving money in a "sting" and has also found marked money in his home freezer. Two persons have pleaded guilty in connection with the investigation.

Judge Thomas Hogan said impeding the activity of the FBI and barring the agency from exercising legal subpoenas for search of congressmen and senators would "create a sanctuary for criminal activity."

Fear and genuine trembling permeate Capitol Hill.

And in another delightful incident which illustrates that the Emperor, indeed, is nekkid, the Republic’s most powerful news wire service again showed why I call it the Ass Press.

The Ass press, in stories sent out on its sprawling net to all members in the media, referred to Republican fund raising as money from "SPECIAL INTERESTS".

But, when referring to Democrat Party slush funds, they use the tern "OUTSIDE GROUPS".

You’d expect such blatant idiocy from the NYTimes, the WashPost, the Atlanta Jaycee, or the LATimes, 24 / 7 and forever.

From Al Jazeera, the BBC and Agence France Presse, this sort of twisted twit verbiage is de rigeur.

But when are the freedom-loving radio stations and papers going to complain about the Ass Press and its skulking ill-bent indoctinatory tactics ?

Citizens are already complaining, turning to the Internet and XMradio for balanced information. Inexorably, time wounds all heels.

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