Monday, July 24, 2006

Fair is Only Fair !!!!

Dear Kofi Annan:

As transcendent ruler of the secretariat of the United Nations, you are treating Hamas and Hezbollah as though they were high-stakes players in the internationsl policy game, with representation before members of the Security Council and so on.

I feel that you are slighting me. I have been hating Jews and Blacks and Catholics all my life. I was a founding member of the Whit Citizens' Council here in my area in the 1950's. I have given thousands of dollars to David Duke and other great Americans.

It is time that the United Nations recognized our organizations. We crossbreed, and when you add all the KKK and Skinhead membership together, we have a "population" latger than many nations in your general assemnly...maybe even more than Hezbolla and Hamas combined.

So, get to it! If you do not recognize us (the Klan and Skinheads United) I am going to complain to the A.C.L.U and to Fidel Castro, and to Hugo Chavez, and to the crzy (ILL ??). person in North Korea. THEY ALWAYS get your attention.

It's only Fair! Think about it !

Your sycophantic supplicant,

Billy Bob (Bubba) Hatemonger
In The Fetid Swamp Bayou
Gatorville, USA

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