Thursday, August 03, 2006

How about himself ?

So, Mel Gibson has apologized to the cops who caught him driving drunk?

And he has apologized to what he calls the "Jewish Community" for spewing anti-Semitic vitriol --(His locution) --and vulgar, bigoted profanity?In full C-Y-A mode, Gibson wants the cops and the Jews to forgive him because he "was out of control".


But when is he going to apologize to me? I mean, when is he going to tell us about his Confession, and his Contrition? When does he make peace with the Master of the Universe and what he would have at one time called his "PUBLIC"???

I used booze for 20 years wildly and addictively.I got clean and sober when I was EXACTLY the age Mel Gibson is today.

But before and after, nobody EVER overlooked any of my mistakes, diatribes, fulminations or nasty performances. Painful consequences pounded and suffocated my soul.

I always had to pay for my mistakes and shortcomings. I had to battle enraged targets of my antisocial verbal garbage. I was ostracized and, in some cases, severely chastised.

When I tried to make amends to one man, after I was in recovery, he said:"You were a S.O.B. THEN, and you will ALWAYS be a S.O.B. !"

So, although I don’t expect a non-PR apology from the man who made Scot "Braveheart" Billy Wallace a transcendent symbol, I do wonder....

Can he ever forgive himself ?

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