Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where's the Beef ???

Headlines on the internet news pages screamed: "One Child Killed By Israeli Strike in Gaza".

But back a few months ago, when the Islami Jihadists struck in Egypt, and Bloody Hamas struck in a resort on the Mediterranean coast of Israel, did the world's great news organizations report how many Jew Babies were slkaughtered?

No, they did not. I went back and checked. But Debka Files, a website of consistent truth, as regards espionage and terrorism, DID.

That this is "not fair" is no news. Life is not fair and the communist-loving left leaning world journalism establishment is the most unfair precinct in all the estates of what passes for twenty-first century civilization.

All the internet giants have agreed to Communist China's censorship and regulation of their news sites and searches.

Those of us who believe in freedom of communication for ALL the world are already summarily defeated.

It is no longer supportable by facts to revel in the great freedom of discourse throughout the world.

The "filter", apparently is Leviathan and immovable.

But, it is eternally ethically insubstantial, and will, finally, doom us all.

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