Friday, May 26, 2006

Sensitivity to Subversion

It has come to my attention that there is a huge and obvious camel's nose under the tent of American sovereignty...and It's NOT illegal aliens invading aceoss our southern border. (Althouth that HAS become an obvious fact, accepted by 99% of the registered voters.)

Nope..This is the creepy-crawly conspiracy within the corrupt and useless United Nations to supercede exclusive national taxation policy of "member" nations.

In an organization where the representation in its General Assembly is equal for Gabon, Senegal, Belize, Cyprus and Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States, the looming "tax the rich" demagogy will surely carry the day.

My blog will not hold the timeline documentation of the lurking plan. But there are some insightful sources out there, if you choose to pursue the subject.

It is not a threat without substance.

Most recently articulated by Sally MacNamra at, it has long been a subject dear to the patriotic heart of Cliff Kincaid, who has written incisive books ("GLOBAL BONDAGE" and "GLOBAL TAXATION") on the subject... books suppressed by all the Globaloney Antique Media, but still important tomes for American citizens.

Cliff Kincaid's bio, Blog and contributions to Accuracy In Media are very easy to Google. And, very exciting to read!

All of you who have become enamoured, as I have of the John Linder / Neal Boortz Fair Tax Plan should leap to inform yourselves about this fund grap by the U.N.

I mean, what is confiscation without representation, anyway ?

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