Thursday, May 11, 2006

All is Lost ???

Mainstream (Antique) media outlets were collectively nonplussed when they were confronted with the Truth this week.

Tony Snow, the new White House news spokesman caught them Lying. And he fried them in an Open Letter email.

The "press" had reported that only three million seniors had signed up for the new Medicare prescription drug plan; that almost ALL minority and poor senior citizens had been bypassed by the enrollmen deadline.

Then Snow brougt forth the figures from the administration. Not the Bush administration...the SOCIAL SECURITY administration.

They showed that everyone eligibe save about two million are safely enrolled and already receiving benefits; that 71% of African Americans, 73% of eligible Hispanics and 78% of eligible Asian Americans are enrolled. Most not enrolled already have drug coverage.

The media's response to being caught misreresenting the facts?

"The White House is trying to MANIPULATE us..." they screamed--even though the figures, the MATH was there.

Similarly, when a group of soldiers and marines in Iraq unanimously opined that the "no-good-news" policy of reporting by most of the press was "the same as hoisting the white flag of surrender", why then spokesmen for wire services and TV talking heads claimed the poll of serviceman opinion was an attempt at "intimidation".

So, the demise of Western Civilization is hastened by conspiracy by a minority of politically venal gossips, seeking like worms in a sealed glass jar, to draw whatever sustenance from one another.

Let us hope they dry up and wither, as Ernest Hemingway predicted, before all of us and our great-grandchildren are silenced and done in.....

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