Friday, March 03, 2006

WARNING ! You Won't B'leeeeeve This ! But, TRY !

On Friday night, March 3, 2006, this is what the august Associated Press did:

Embarrassed by revelations that George Bush did NOT say what they had reported him saying, and further embarrassed that Governot Blanco of Louisiana HAD said what they had NOT quoted her as saying (that the New Orleans levees had NOT been "breached"), they made a correction. Yes ! A correction !

They corrected their internationally distributed story to point out that Governor Blanco was, essentially correct....

She MEANT to say that the levees were "overtopped". Yes, NOT "breached" but OVERTOPPED !!!

Weasels !

This is the height and depth of weaseldom.

Why would anyone manufacture such a distinction ?

Only if the battleaxe one is "grinding" ....if the (scusa, please) dawg one is betting on told an ouright LIE.

Some of you do not think that the whole Antique Media are biased and doomed.

Just look at this deal and think again.

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