Thursday, September 19, 2013

Don't Leave Home Without It !

It is fitting that the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States would come up with the story of an entrepreneur who desire it is striking hotly with surefire sales to a wide customer assortment.

The Hartford Courant, first printed in 1764, is reporting mass sales of a kit aimed for the use of students, teachers, principals, monitors--- and for that matter all employees forced to make a living by toiling in one way or another in "gun free"  zones.

The Navy Yard in Washington DC is a gun free zone. Most public skools and colleges are "gun free" zones. A gun free zone as most people understand it is an area are a building where firearms are absolutely forbidden for everyone--- even security personnel.

This new kit contains and 800,000 volt stun gun taser, a triggered pepper spray, a 12 foot window ladder, and.. Well, you can't go HERE to check out the entire contents of this the survival resources in the "kit".

What family, indeed, would not indulge a vulnerable Mom, student, even an old Dad such an array of protection against the mentally deranged mass murderers that populate our streets and our carefully background-checked workforce.  After all it is the politically correct way.

It would be too easy to arm the security personnel, or train employees in serious self-defense.

I'm not talking "cheap" here, either. And I don't begrudge the fellow who put together this kit a time of his profit-- and I'll wager that will be more than considerable.

If that's the best we can do. Let's do it. But I still feel that something is being diluted by the deluded.

This isn't The Way, Courant founderThomas Greene and his fellow Colonials would have done it. It's an historical fact they left Breed's Hill  RED.

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