Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ballad of Tyler and Demias

This is a "Bell Curve":
This is ALSO the "Ballad  of Tyler and Demias".
The graph represents the normal distribution of achievement level in almost all human physical and mental effort.  It looks like Antoine de Saint Expurey's  "Boa that Swallowed an Elephant" from the Little Prince.
But it holds.  From the  left, the highest acievers are few, the median achievers are lumped into about a 70% mass  and the lower achievers dribble off in a mirror of the highest.
This altogether natural, constantly reappearing distribution in the  basic snapshot in the REAL world of honest appraisal.
But in the world  of Tyler and Demias, it is unwelcome. One might say it is like many truths in the hands and minds of the community organizers and collectivist levelers in the 21st century.
It does not exist for the evil meddlers.
I worked with a physician in a past life who would, when presented with a fact unfamiliar to him, bark: "That's Not SO !!!" ....No matter how many times his obtuse fool act was unmasked.
So, we have an institutionalized intricacy of outright lies replacing scientific truth in our society.
It begins in the grammar school gangs and bullies who make merciless sacrifice of children who excel.
Envy is the most destructive of the Seven Cardinal Sins, of course.
African-American top achievers are regularly attacked physivally and verbally as "Crackas" and "Whitey-ASSES".  White scholars are defamed as "Petty-Puss" and "Faggots" as well as "Kissers" and "Suckers".
Tyler Weaver was not trampled by his peers, however. Neither was  Demias Jimerson.
Tyler read too many books, and won the library prize too often, so his librarian put the name of everyone who had read 10 into a hat and "drew" for the prize.  (Tyler had read, DEMONSTRABLY, hundreds.)


Jimerson ws a football prodigy.  He scored every time he got the pigskin ! So, to "give the others a chance".  Demias was not just curtailed in playing time. He was punished when he showed extra prowess.

This is the way government bureaucracy is operated.  This is the way government "public" skools are operated.

Next will be high school basketball, wrestling and  soccer is already, arguably, in the tank.

But the immutability and ineradicability of the Ball Curve WILL persist and like heroic mankind, prevail, in time, because, as Faulkner said..."We can endure !"

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