Monday, August 26, 2013

How Low Can They Go ???

"Cometh the Dreamer...We must Kill Him Now!"

Do you get as disgusted as I do when you read about the cops taking down a couple of 10-year-olds for having a lemonade stand ?

Well I've found something worse!

 What would you say if you saw a mother and daddy teaching  a toddler how to garden--- to raise fresh vegetables  right beside ( actually in  the  shadow of)  a grimy housing project  ?

 I mean, that would be MORE than lighting one little candle, and not cursing the economic darkness, wouldn't it ?

 Well take a look at THIS.

The United States Department of Agriculture jackbooted thugs have cited a four-year-old for improper use on federal land .

These Creeps could better use their time coralling the thousands of people who are making big-money growing dope in the national forests and parks.

 But there is a  stink  all over and throughout federal bureaucracy under this administration as though all federal employee have been ordered to do the worst thing possible to the best, most beautiful people .

 This is not overreaction.  Jjust look around you.  Check it out !

  Why on earth do they do these things ?  Because they CAN....

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