Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Bit Dog Chorus

As long as the socialist statists are overwhelming the Traditionalists among us, the Chicago style, short memoried, drive-by media are all happy-faces.

But have you noticed when someone DARES to write or tell the truth,  the whole of the whore print media and television collectivists  howl in chorus with an unanimity not heard or seen since Arturo Toscanini conducted the NBC orchestra?

As long as House sopeaker John Boener and Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham obediantly kiss the ring of the left wing domos, the "collegiality" of the national legislatures is crowned and applauded by ALL the press and TV prostrate clowns.

But when a conservative refutes the parameters of the socialist line, as Marco Rubio did after the so-called "state of the Union" spiel, he is attacked for taking a sip of water for his tired larynx.

Similarly, Senator Ted Cruz announces that  ex-Sen. Hagel  cnspired with, exchanged promises with  representatives of  Iran's Ahmadinejad, and Cruz is pilloried and denounced  for having beem born in CANADA !

Oh, it's HAIL when the birther boot is on the other foot !

And, Wednesday, as Hagel's appointment to the Pentagon is on hold and in great danger...and when Democrat N.J. Sen. Bob Menendez is being plumbed by the FBI for spending taxpayers' money on teenaged  whores in the Carribean....and when  the newly named  CIA chief Brennan is facing questions about his fitness amd behavior on Benghazi....and when emboldened traditionalists are questioning motives of  Democrat  dispersal of drones, hackers and abrogation of constitutional civil rights....Now, on 2-20-13, the New York Times and the AssPress and all other wholly prostituted siphons of the  D.C. collectivism are unanimously mocking the sweet words of Rodney King:

"Why can't we just get along ??!!!"

When THEY  threaten that conservatives will return all black citizens "to the cotton field and the lynching tree..."  That;'s just peachy.

But when two Latino Patriots break ranks and show the Naked Emperor, it"s "Time for "collegiality"  (surrender by the Jews and antiCommunists !!!)

We pray for "collegiality" also: for a true epiphany for the vast majority of traditionally loyal,  people who used to Love America enough to cry out...anmd to Act. And....Remember !

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