Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fresh Zucker Bait

This space and its sponsors, determined to stay "relevant" as regards the "culture" scene,  and with a need to shed the "anachronism"  label laid  on all aged folks,  is hereby offering a couple of new lambs for new CNN boss Jeff Zucker's guillotine.

One is "anchoress"  Deborah Feyeric,  whose chin could open an RC Cola bottle, and the other is her "science guy"  Bill Nye.

Since Nye has been experting all over the place about global warming, lets disrobe and unmask him first:

Nye has an engineering degree which once got him a job calibrating  hickamajigs in refitted Boeling planes. He is not a climatoogist.  He is a refugee from a Seattle-based broadly satirical  (and uproarously funny) comic show.

But last weekend, he was Deborah Feyeric's "SCIENCE GUY"  whom she used to butress  her announcement that the meteor hurtling toward Earth and all its  communication sattelite orbits was...*gasp*...caused by Global Warming.

Naturally, U.S.  media outlets suppressed the story, and YouTube scrubbed the video, but the Brits, God Bless 'em,  preserved the moment in the UK Daily

That the "media" is clueless about everything they view with alarm is certifiable.

They do not know a rifle from a shotgun from a musket from a semiautomatic from an automatic from a revolver from a fully auto Uzzi.

They regularly confuse constitutionally guaranteed human rights with city council minutes and orations.

And this includes many of their "science guys"  who used to be and are still redolent of...Standup Comedians.

So we are not surprised when one of these people  squeezes out such wisdom as that a meteor from God only knows where in space is...willy nilly...a direct result of  human-infected Glaobal Warmng.

For,  GW, like communism, and Scientology,  is really a religion, ya know ?

In fact, come to think about it, Global Warming is the ONLY religion anchors and journalists can write about and spout silliness about with impunity.

But the  credibility is threadbare if not plumb gone.  Harry Potter and all the Wizards wouldn't swallow or stomach this garbage.

Apply the Axe, Mister Zucker!


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