Wednesday, July 03, 2013

"ALTER'd" Ignorance

Even though fewer that 100,000 Americans watch Obama's cable outlet, MSNBC at any givern moment, (compared to Fox Chasnnel's 4-million-plus) the costant display of ignorance and deliberate lying about the World on this niche is appalling and embarassing.

Take for instanmce the "pundit" Jonathan Alter, author of the sycophantic book praising  our president's baptism in pragmatic moderation, "The Center Holds".

Alter is as close to an intellectual as MSNBC gets. (It IS after all the home of Sissy Chrissy Mattews and Al Sharptioon.)

Now, after his most recent demonstration of his abject ignorance about his subject, Alter is a candidate for many, many WaPo "Pinnochios"---unless he really believed what he said.


Alter's  problem is that he knows NOTHING about the world, and yet he talks about world economics & politics with Kissingeresque  gravity.

In this he is not very much alone. Most of the Driveby media pundits seem  not to know that conservatives are in control of the Eurpean Unio, Germany, England,  and, in fact, most of Europe.

The harlots and succubi of American journalism  WISH it were not so.  They prate on to us as though  the "right" has been  inundated by collectivism in Europe, goading Americans to "join the change".

But they do not do therir homework.  All the chanmge in the last decade has been buttressing the new attraction of economic and social conservatism.

You could look  it up ! Check Australia and Canada while you're looking.

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