Friday, July 19, 2013

A Party Line ?

We  have retreated, until now from expanding on the courageous focussing on just and true fact by the jury that aquitted George Zimmerman.

But our time has come.

The Pooh-Bah  mullahs of Persia have spoke:  "Trayvon Martin, an innocent child, was willfully slaughtered in  a racially motivated attack by George Zimmerm.

Thus the bloody-handed, Islam-crazed fascist dictators toed the Obama Line.  Read it H E R E.

On the same day, the U.S. president, projecting  Martin as HIMSELF this time instead of his son,  parroted the nasty propagada of the most vile oppressors of human rights on Earth.

The fact that police records unmask the 180-pound, 5'11" burglar, gangbanger and doper is, certainly not news to Obama or rthe Mullahs. They still say "TEEN".

It would be news, however, to the jury that aquitted  the man who shot Martin.

Conspiracy by spoecial prosecutor Angela Corey, Bernoe De la Rionda and others witheld this evidence from the defence attorneys and the judge also hid it.

But you can be SURE that a teacher of constitutional law knows of the several legal strikes against Martin that forced him out of school in Miami  and detoured him into the gated community where he was sdscovered prowling a gated community where his Dad's Lady lived.

What is so surprising is that the Iranian mullahs and the president echo one another.

One might even sketch them as a mini-mob of flash protestors....

Jay Carney, meet Ayatollah Kameini.... 


Dale Carson said...

Frightening but true

Dale Carson said...


Dale Carson said...

Frightening but true