Monday, July 29, 2013


Just a brief update to remind us all that it is NOT what we do not know that finally destroys us; it is what we know that "just ain't so" that dooms us all.

On Monday, July 29, the administration in D.C. announced that there will be no more  "polishing" or testing of public school  Civics, History  or Curent-Events curricula.

The Obama administration blamed "republican sequester  budget cuts".  Dubya's name was not mentioned this time.

HERE is the Full Story

You and I know and THEY know they could continue to offer Civics and History and test those subjects. They could cancel attendance at a couple of  NEA freakouts and save millions.

What this administration wants and intends to HAVE is a young electorate brainwashed to follow the rules of the National Socialist Democrat agenda blindly.

This is the way it worked in Germany's  National Socialist Democrat Workers' Party in the 1930s.

Who's going to complain ?  Not the militant unionized teachers.  There ARE no more PTA groups.  They are "discouraged" because they allegedly "embaras" minotity students and parents.

So, am I telling you there will be two generations of ignorant young adults as regards History and Civics (Goverment anfd Policy governance)  ?

Yes.  That is what I am telling you.  Maybe THREE generations of civic and policy zombies.


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