Thursday, March 21, 2013

Always so Foggy....

Here's the way they do it:

First, the chief magistrate of the United States, or one of his hatchet men in the White House  maligns Fox News, or one of its commentators, or threatens another commentator like Rush Limbaugh or Mike Savage, acuusing them of lying about the administratuion.

Then  the same Dark Phalanx threatens the target with destruction by advertising boycott or evecutive fiat...or SOMETHING.

THEN, Fox News'  viewership makes a stratospheric climb.  Or Rush Limbaugh's already nation-leading  millions and millions of listeners increase by 10% to 20%.

THEN, everybody gets really, really SILENT about the attack and the  determined loyal reaction of conservative citizens voting with their pocketpooks and their attention in a massreaction that dwarfs any  "boycott".

Weeks go by.  Some comedias and bloggers on the internet ridicule the incendiary threats and predictions of doom by the White House "spokesmen".

The high-blown attack on free speech  thuds like a poorly laid egg .

Time goes by and when sinking approval ratings level out, the incestuous lust affair of the New Yourk Slimes, WaPo, AssPress and the alphabet netwoprks (all of which never reportes the immediate failure of the attack from on hish, aplash again with an interview that ALL media outlets cover for two news cycles.

THIIS time, some lapdancer for the socialists "reminds" everybody that no one EVER criticized or threatened Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, EVER.  Not ANYBODY...EVER.

You may read about the newest of these Silly Liar shows H E R E.

Like a good li'l sheep, YOU  are sposa disregard everything that came before this latest Goebbels-Like offal.

It's the fog of debiant dishonesty.


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