Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Overwhelming Muck & Merde

Our screed today is so twisted a tale of contorted America-hating and subterfuge, it makes one's head faiely whirl.

We would rather write about something courageos like Peggy Noonan's  unveiling the story of the Philadelphia  abortionist who reportedly killed many babies AFTER delivery with the flick of deadly shears....Noonan did this on a Sunday Meet the Press show, terrorizing the news media industry which had suppressed and spiked the story internationally.

But THIS blog is just to announce in passing that  Kathy Boudin is not just paroled out of prison.  She is a professor at Columbia University.

On October 21, 1981, this female rich kid radical,  taught and indoctrinated at Bryn Mawr and Leningrad University, helped a gang of fellow Weather Underground thugs and Black Panther murderers rob a Brinks truck in  Rocland Couny, N.Y.

They killed three uniformed guards in the heist.

Now, free after 22 years, Professor Boudin is teaching social "science" at Columbia University and lecturing at New York University.

Her friends, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, raised her son while she was in prison.

O yasssss !  THAT  Ayers.  THAT Dorn.  Bombmakers and snarky conspiratots in many another Weather Underground project  and several elections of B.H. Obama in Chicago. They were close fiends, co-committeemen and  complicit in the 0-Micheele splice.

This is a panoply of what has happened to your Nation.  They do not even care to "hide"  these disreputable and incestuous affairs between armed robbers, killers and "The Academy".  We are so numb here in 2013 we all just assume the position when he hear the  "B O H I C A" command.

But, before you Bend-Over-Here-It-Comes-Again...Click  H E R E  for the piece de la resistance !

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