Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Present at the Fadeaway...

We  have just fionished reading three days of  "reporting" about the savage attack on a local magazine by the mayor of Philadelphia.

He is appropriately namd "Nutter" !

Now we are completely convionced that we will NEVER again have peace and comity in these United States.

(1). Because at least one fifth of the people can neither speak or think in English .

(2). Because news reporters for TV as well as print, can no longer use coherent, non-inflammatory or unbiased dialog and tone. And....

(3). Because no information can be recognized or transposed and delivered from one person to another any longer unless it involves real or perceived VICTIMHOOD and extortion or emotional blackmail.

(4). Because if a person is not GUTLESS in the public exchange of ideas, one is not "acceptable" in that milieu.

If you want to wade through the cesspool, GOOGLE  "White in Philly"

Alas, Babylon, Shenandoah and the Divide ! All are Lost and Gone Forever....

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