Sunday, May 19, 2013

Irrelevant ! (Also Offensive !!!)

We have a virtual blizzard of flimsy adjectives emanating from the lips of the execrably incompetent Jay Carney, spokesman for the disengaged and hunkered down president.

"Where was the president during the murderous alQaeda attack on the Benghazi consolate and annex ?"

That question is offensive and  irrelevant.

"When did the president first know about the IRS targeting and punishing conservative groups and  pro-republican  media ?

Also irrelevant.

"Did attorney general Holder inform the president  he was Grabbing associated Press telephone records ?"

That's ANOTHER  irrelevant and offensive question.

All right.  The president says "there is no "there...THERE"  (he read about Gertrude Stein sometime somewhere).

But it looks to us like there is no "buck" at the White House and if there were it would not "stop"  because there is no "there" ..THERE either.

As we type this,  America's all-time media White Knight-Hero, Bob Woodward opines on MEET THE PRESS that the Benghazi record of the Obama administration is all lies and a grave issue, indeed, because the lies and the loss of the Benghazi installation was a loss to al Qaeda...which this administration had told the American people was "dead" along with Bin Laden. Any contradiction of this premise would make Obama look sillier.

You can read and see Woodward's  Sunday morning statement H E R E !

We are now, incrementally piling up psychometric evidence of total denial
and / or  rot encrusted with lackadaisical incompetence.

It may be just a matter of time before an independent counsel / prosecutor may be "irrelevant" matter HOW "offensive".

Bob Woodwars's words will weigh heavier and heavier.

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