Monday, July 26, 2004

HISTORY IS>>>>Whaaaaaat????!!

Strictly from the perspective of a man in his eighth decade, there are three historical incidents that have shaped the national "discourse" in the United States since 1952, when General Eisenhower was elected president.

Before that, the Great Depression, FDR and World War II (implicit in which was the advent of the Nuclear Bomb / Age).

But, JFK’s commitment of the American Military to Viet Nam, his subsequent assassination by a communist dupe / Castro sympathizer and the first resignation of a president of the United States (Nixon) have been most influential in changing the way Americans see themselves and the world.

I maintain that we are still, whether the pundits and pols like it or not, instinctively isolationist, and extremely vulnerable to whatever propagandist or drmagog can manipulate this deep, George Washington-based national suspicion.

This isolationism is ironically overlaid by a desire by Americans for the rest of the world to admire us.

"Look! But don’t Touch!"

Two Great Americans, Henry Ford in this century, and Thomas Jefferson, in America’s first century said–and believed—"History is Bunk!!!"

Jefferson wrote that the slavish  conf conformity to laws and constitutions more than 20 years old, should be wiped clean—that former generations had no moral "hold" on "this" one (or any subsequent one.

I muse on this, and invite the thoughtful to join me in the musing, because we have arrived at the time when even Jefferson’s idea of  generational revolution has been compacted by guileful propaganda and astute demagogy (that LOOKS better than demagoguery!!) into any chosen election cycle.

Everything that was considered GOOD between 1192 and 2000 is now denigrated and shunned by those who promoted the same schemes before.

Removing Milosevic and bombing Serbs was great "nationbuilding".

Removing Hussein and bombing Iraquis is criminal.

Reforming welfare was truly a miracle.
Reforming trial lawyer welfare is abominable.

I’ll just let you find the other examples. There are many.

But the point is that we are going off the cliff and down the rabbit’s hole unless a sudden fit of Sanity takes hold.

Take for instance the fact that airport security is under a rule that it is illegal to "profile" young, Arab or Muslim or "middle-eastern-looking" men to be strip searched.

Congressman John Dingell with a screw and plate in his leg—YES! Get him NEKKID!

General Joe Foss, carrying a "curious object" (The Medal of Honor for most air combat kills in history). Strip him nekkid!!!

But HANDS OFF  our brothers Ahmed,  Feisal, Hassan, Yassim, Khalid, Sheik,  or  Sudana!!!

Snatch that ole deaf lady in the wheelchair!

Please, O God of My Understanding, take me back to my brierpatch and deliver me from ZooZooland......

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