Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Call Them All What They Are....

I have been thinking about Sirhan Bishara Sirhan every day since the savage terrorists slaughtered the little Russian children in their school.

The Associated Press, The New York Times, the Washington Post, Time and Newsweek magazines and the three "broadcast" networks, plus CNN all–I mean ALL–referred to these bloody terrorists who made a Russian school an abattoir, " just hostage-takers".

I began to canvass my memory, searching for the date of the beginning of the war we are in.

For me, it was June 5, 1968. That’s when this little Jew-hater walked up to Bobby Kennedy in a Los Angeles hotel kitchen hallway and slaughtered the man who was the apparent Democratic successor to Lyndon B. Johnson.

But no one has ever called this Jerusalem-born Jordanian terrorist a terrorist, either. He was sentenced to die in California gas chamber, not many remember, only to be saved by the Warren Supreme Court’s ban on the death penalty.

Sirhan is still alive, but so far as I can find out, has been given a pass by the media on the ritual anniversary interviews the press so loves.

And since Bobby Kennedy was such a darling of the media establishment, I have never understood why.

Since that assassination, how many terrorist crimes have we experienced? I remember when Carlos the Jackal assassinated whomever he pleased whenever. Le Grande Charles (de Gaulle)
was the one target he never snuffed out, though he haunted the Champs d’Elyssee every Bastille Day.

My angel princess Betts and I saw Georges Pompidou ride from L’Etoile to the Arc de Tiomphe in 1969—the first year the French could see their president openly without bulletproof, tinted glass since the beginning of the Gaullist Republic.

Terrorists. They used to plague the "old Europe" to keep Her in strict antiSemitic line.

Now, they have angered and awakened the people of the United States, the United Kingdom (and one of the UK’s Commonwealth-Nations, Australia.

Then, last weekend, they have slaughtered babies and the Russian people are blazing mad. President Putin walks and talks angry, and uses the word "terrorists" to describe the killers, not the limp-wristed phrase "hostage-takers".

Is this provocation for Russia to join the United States as an ally in the war on terror? Will TASS news agency in Moscow call them Muslim extremists? Will Russia circulate images of the al Quaeda child slayers?

Since we did little when they pushed Klinghoffer off the ocean liner just because he was Jewish, we have had many people killed in terrorist attacks: Marines in Beirut, Sailors in Yemen, hundreds in air hijack and bomb plots.

But did they have to destroy two buildings and kill 3,000 people to get our attention?

Or was it that they picked on the wrong US president?

If Castro hadn’t paid Oswald to kill JFK, would JFK have declared a war on terrorists when Sirhan Sirhan killed Bobby?

You gotta love that train of thought.!...I’m surprised none of the "media" has come up with this seemingly goofy, but undeniably awestruck theme. The media is, after all, the center, the nexus of the "why???" and "If only" school of History.

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