Wednesday, September 29, 2004

What does "al-Quaeda" Mean??

Just dabbling around in some arabic, I connected some dots.

Check me. How close is this?

If I am not mistaken, a woman named Claire Townsend first wrote in english about a richly funded terrorist network assembled with a great deal of care by rebel sons of wealthy men in Saudi Arabia---not necessarily from the 400 "Royal Family" members.

Young (at Townsend's early revelation) and ganglyesque Osana bin Laden was the organizer and methodological parent of what he called "al Qaeda". He was "Ubana" then, thus "UBL".

Al Quaeda translates as, simply, The Base.

The Base. The foundation. The first stone on which the inverted pyramid is built.

Now I want to suggest that all the "journalists" who seem to believe that al Quaeda is HERE in one collect and that Hizbolla is THERE and that Hamas is OVER THERE and the Jihad Islami is SOMEWHERE ELSE and the Chechenya Terrorists are in CHECHENYA...Well, I say that there are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see!

Just as the chicken little brains persist in separating the War on Terror from the War in Iraq, the minimalist journalists who have no stomach for the macro picture persist in limiting Hamas to Syria and the West Bank, the Jihad Islami to Jenin, Hizbolla to Lebanon and so on ad nauseum.

These names, Hamas, Hizbolla, Jihad Islami--and even Arafat's al-Acqua Brigades---are simply names that have been formerly used, ostensibly, to beg for almns, for "charity" entities that have hoodwinked governments and the international press for decades.

But they's all the SAME people!!!

It's really strange, because I can remember in 1948 when a similar "charity" group called "Irgun" was vilified in the United States because it funnelled money to Jewish freedom fighters in what was then the Protectorate of Palestine.

As a youg newspaperman, I contributed money to Irgun. Me and Billy Rose. If you don't know him, don't ask. You probably never heard of Bernard Baruch, either.

Anyway, bin Laden did not name his network "The Base" without purpose.

Like the cockroaches they ape, the terrorists never do anything witout purpose.

They run from bright light, too.

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