Friday, December 17, 2004


There was a time when ChristmasWas
A psyche-bending crush
Of disappointment memories and tears.

But recent times (I'm sober now!)

Are full of giggling joy
And gleeful resurrection of the years.

Somewhere along the struggling way

I've found a path that lifts
The eyes and heart
To knowledge of a Choice.

We all can choose to wither here--

To Cringe and close our eyes.
But memories CAN move us to rejoice.

Those older other days were sad

And losses strew the way ago.
But every tear and every loss has earned

This day, this promised day.

So, look around to measure things.
What would you take in trade for what you've learned?

It all was all that one could do,

If breed and tempting greed are set.
The Life of all of us is gone astray.

But we are here and here is Now

And Happiness, for which some sweat,
Is ours---free joy too--–if we Seize This Day.

By Bill Allen at "nearly age 80" Dec. 17, 2004

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