Monday, April 25, 2005

What IS........IS!!

What is.....IS !!!

My son looked at me and announced, in his inimitable quirky logic:

"You know...a Zebra doesn’t go to sleep at night planning how to change his spots......"

"Wait, you mean.." I interrupted, "you mean..."

"And, ," he continues, paying my squeak no mind, "The Leopard does not dream of changing his stripes...."

"OH !!!.....Oh, yes. You got me again "

"You remember what Momma used ro say?" Keith Allen continued.
(He knew very well I remembered EVERY thing Betts EVER said. )

"What you’re talking about is her answer to the former president’s grammatical query, huh?"

And then we quoted our Source of All Time (in Unison !):

"What is.......IS !!"

That was my Sweetheart-Spouse’s way of saying that one may try with all of one’s might, but horse manure garnished with whipped cream does not make apple strudel...or even scrapple.

Nowadays, in America, what Is, is denied, camouflaged, stuffed away under circumlocutionary political corrected editorial blathering and self-flattering bloviation by
men an women who read others’ words from a teleprompter.

I notice, however, that these TV people are losing the present and immediately prior generations coming of age.

These young men and women, over 18 and under 35, are not slaves of Big Media and Broadcast TV.
As a matter of fact, they have quit the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and the other mainstream print journals by the hundreds of thousands.
They have quit Katie Couric, and now that the hallmark anchors of the three broadcast networks are gone, the youngest generations are deserting the sinking flagships.

A very recent survey by a nonpolitical thinktank puts the average age of CBS / NBC / ABC news watchers at 61 years of age. Perky is not perky any more. These younger, brighter citizens, who can read Al Jazeera, Xinhua, The TIMES of London and the Jerusalem Post on the internet any time they want to, cannot be fed drivel and propaganda with impunity. They have found out that the "free" press in the United States has been kanoodling them.

They know, for instance, that French voters may be on the verge of scuttling the whole EURO union thing by choosing not to participate. They know Germany is in very poor financial and unemployment trouble.

They know that Canada’s prime minister, Paul Martin has been found out as being the direct beneficiary of Saddam Hussein’s kickbacks in the oil-for-food scandal.

Now, did YOU know any of this? Did the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, or the New York Times, or the Dallas News report these things?

Well, the great majority of the 18-35 pie-slice knows and thinks about these things. More and more, THEY are beginning to live in the world of What is, IS! And less it the world of wannabe feelgood.

I am very excited about this.

I just pray that Bill Gates gives away millions of more computers to the young, so they can kiss government teachers goodbye and lead this country out of the horse manure jungle and into a thriving harvest of absolutes: Good and Evil, Clean and Dirty, Loyalty and Treachery. Truth rather than Relativism. Smart versus Dumb. Honor rather than Political Correctness. What’s Really Happening rather than "Conventional Wisdom".

IS ... instead of Ain’t!!!

Are You Ready?

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